"AZEL-İŞ" limited liability company which offers professional accounting services, operates in order to be customers proud and is based on the "Proficiency""Honesty""Privacy", and "Responsibility" principles by appreciating "human" factor. Company's priority is to direct base of knowledge and experience gained in twelve years to the benefit of customers and preparation of new generation of professionals.
The main value of society is its content, human beings of different faith and nationalities; there is no sexual, lingual, religious, political discrimination on its work and approaches. Approaches contrary to world human rights are unacceptable.

Created by people with higher education and work experience "AZEL-İŞ" LLC has a professional management system. People working in the company are highly qualified specialists with good knowledge of their profession. Increasing the personnel's knowledge and experience, strengthening material and technical base, using of innovations are the company's ever-controlled areas for providing high quality services to its customers.

Society tries to create its work on honesty and sincerity. The motto of the company's staff is "Honesty is our strength""Let's always be honest everywhere with everybody" principle is the main goal of the company.

Proliferation of commercial secrets of customers and confidentiality protection are the main noteworthy principals of the society. Knowing the negative results of revealing commercial secrets of customers in modern life, the company staff considers it an honor.

"AZEL-İŞ" LLC, is well aware of the responsibilities of customers trust on carrying out accounting services. The company staff is grateful to customers for confidence. And they will always provide knowledge and skills in order to justify their confidence.