Consulting Services

  Recommendations on accounting and taxes

- Recommendations on legal structure of institution;

- Initial registration of institutions and physical entities; 

- Recommendations on accounting and taxing issues (one time/regular);
- Recommendations on application of international taxing standards;

- Tax recommendations in double taxing issues;
- Conduction of calculations on planning, restructuring, and optimizing tax;
- Development of financial plans; 

- Recommendations on establishment of cashless payments;

- Recommendations on development of accounting of revenues and expenditures;
- Explanations and recommendations on application of tax law norms on concrete agricultural operations;
- Recommendations on application of new legal acts in field of accounting and taxing;
- Analysis of financial-agricultural activity of institution; 

- Recommendations on the reflection and documentation of separate accounting objects, such as joint activities, leasing, branches and other structural units in the financial and tax accounting;

- Expert advice on tax issues in any form that will satisfy the customer (as well as "Emergency assistance on taxes");

- Suggestions for tax planning, as well as establishment of a business taking into account the planning of the tax base;

- Analysis of options for maximum use of tax benefits and application of different regimes of taxation in the organization of business.